Solo Aerial Street Shows


is a time traveling Aerial Muse. Using aerial silk, Minerva transforms it into a plane, then an old sailing ship; the woman becomes the ship and the point of departure is an ocean's floor and a ships graveyard. A story of courage and endurance - paying homage to the one-way journeys humans make to seed a better life, often not for themselves but for their descendants.

Features: Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Fire Hula Hoop and a fully animated LED light show for night-time events.

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Arty Ms

Emerges from a pod and falls from the sky into a world she must fight to understand. Beautiful, fun, strong and graceful. A show that delights everyone.

Features: Static Trapeze, and Aerial Silks

Duration: 25 minutes


We are all stars! An explosive celebration of being. Transforming energy into Joy. Fast, Fun and Electric!

Features: Chinese dart, Static Trapeze, Lyra, and Aerial Silks

Duration: 25 minutes